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Celebrating the Black Experience

Call for Artists

The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage (KCAAH) presents the Annual Celebrating the Black Experience Art Exhibit from April 12 – June 21, 2024.

This call for artists is to submit artwork to a Juried Art Exhibition that will celebrate the diversity of African descendants in the visual arts. Art submissions should reflect the diverse environments and traditions that contribute to the fabric of the Black experience. The imagery expressing joy, sorrow, love, creativity, and truth-telling are all up for exploration within the Black aesthetic, contributing to a counter-narrative that provides alternate perspectives that are missing or underrepresented. The exhibition seeks to celebrate the legacy of Black artists’ rich contributions and achievements and the impact Black art has made in transforming our struggle against oppression and racism.

Application Deadline: January 26, 2024

Helpful Information for Submitting Artwork

Artist Statement (150 words)

Artist statements are written in 1st person, about your art, not about you. Write about the current direction of your work, not a history of how you got to where you are now. Think about the statement as what you would want someone to know about your work, in your absence. The statement should be short, concise, in conversational language, and from your perspective. Include the following:

Introduction/Description of the work

  • Personal reasons and motivation behind creation of the work
  • Special techniques used
  • Meaning of the art
  • Inspiration behind your work
  • Medium you chose and why
  • Subject matter
  • Your relationship to your artwork

Artist Biography (Bio, 250 words)

Biographies are written in 3rd person, about you, outsider looking in, use pronouns he, she, they and include the following:

  • Where you were born?
  • Where you grew up?
  • Where you are currently based?
  • What is your inspiration and why?
  • Favorite medium/techniques
  • Formal education/apprenticeship/self-taught/mentored by
  • Career achievements
  • Exhibitions
  • Art in specific collections
    Art organizations/affiliations
  • Honors/Awards/Grants for your work

Pricing your work:

Do not over or under-price your work. Think about the size, materials, framing cost and the time invested in the piece. Are you an emerging, mid-career, or established artist? Have you sold your work before and if so, for what price? Use that price as a starting point. KCAAH will receive a 40% commission which should also be taken into consideration.

Photographing your art:

Your photographs should be clear and faithful reproductions that are in focus, have high resolution/300 dpi, are true to color, and are cropped to the border of the image. Do not include anything else in the photograph. Make sure your art is not distorted and does not include any reflections. To photograph your art either hang it on the wall or place it flat on the floor or a table. Take photos in good light. You can use a light box, designed for product photographs, a ring light, a tabletop lighting kit, or flat natural light either outside or from a window.

*If you would like help with your bio, artist statement, or photographs, contact Julia Youngblood at


  • Ages 18 and up
  • Work must be an original piece, not a reproduction of the work. NO REPRODUCTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • All artwork must be available for display during the exhibition.
  • No entries will be accepted beyond the postmark deadline, January 26, 2024.
  • Up to 6 works may be submitted per artist, with 1-3 digital images for each two-dimensional or three-dimensional piece.
  • 250-word limit for artist biography and 150-word artist statement must be included with entry.
  • Artists will submit entries through the file upload provided below.
  • All entries must provide an email address for the acceptance package to be sent.
  • Open to all, regardless of country. The Black experience is an International experience. We welcome submissions from all countries.

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